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How to organize a small closet with lots of clothes: the best small closet organization ideas you’ll ever find!

If you appreciate fashion, can’t pass up a good deal, and believe shopping to be the best pleasure of all, you know what an epic battle having a small closet can be.

You’ve probably done it all: attempting to stack three different sweatshirts on one hanger, storing clothing you don’t wear as frequently in containers beneath the bed, and so forth.

No matter what you do, your closet consistently struggles to accommodate all your clothing. 

Sadly, we don’t always have control over our closet size. When upsizing our property or making home renovations is impossible, we are usually forced to make do with making the most of our little wardrobes. 

So, what are the creative and innovative things to do?

There are techniques to organize your closet that can help you maximize space and provide the most usable area for all of your favorite things.

On the other side, there are ways to arrange your belongings that will make your closet appear even smaller, leaving you feeling confined, uncomfortable, and unhappy. 

Let’s look at some strategies that will assist you in navigating the hazards of your wardrobe scenario. With these tips and ideas, you can make the most of your space while feeling organized and confident. 

How To Organize A Small Closet With Lots Of Clothes 

How To Organize A Small Closet With Lots Of Clothes 

Of course, merely saying that you must be organized is not enough. Learning to be organized is one thing if it’s not your normal way. Here are a few easy suggestions for re-training yourself to be at ease with the organization. 

Do It On The Daily 

Making a routine is the most effective technique to learn a new skill. This is also true of organizational skills.

Let it be a regular part of your lifestyle, wherever it suits you the best.

Perhaps you clean out your closet every morning before you go to work. Perhaps it’s better to do that every evening before bed. You could also try it every day, before or after you shower. 

Try to fit in a brief round of clean-up and re-organization when it feels right for you. 

Let Yourself Make Mistakes 

Starting a new habit is difficult. You’re bound to make a mistake and lose momentum – and that’s okay.  The key thing is not to give up because of a single blunder.

You’re likely to wake up now and again and find you haven’t put your stuff away in a week.

It’s all too simple to claim at that moment, “Well, I already screwed up.  What’s the purpose of trying again? ” 

 Continue to strive and avoid this line of thinking. It’ll become a habit before you realize it, and you won’t even have to think about it. 

Have A Place For Everything 

When everything has a home, storing stuff away is much simpler.

It can even be delightful to put each object to its rightful home, assuming that everything has a proper home in the first place.

It’s even more annoying when “home” is merely on a shelf with 30 other random items. So spend some time to find a suitable resting spot for just about everything. 

Let Your Creativity Fly 

Everyone’s wiring is a bit different. That is, what works for somebody may not work for you.

Perhaps all of your friends are offering you advice on how to keep organized, but their suggestions aren’t working, and you’re feeling like a failure.

Don’t feel terrible if you need new suggestions and guidance. Try various approaches until you discover one that fits you, and don’t be too hard on yourself if traditional methods don’t appear to be cutting it. 

How To Keep Your Small Closet Organized 

These smart tricks will help you squeeze every inch of your small closet!

How To Organize A Small Closet With Lots Of Clothes 

Store Away

It makes absolutely no sense to allow off-season clothes to clutter your small closet, as you will not be wearing them for months.

You should be rotating items in your closet according to the seasons. The off-season clothing should be stored away under the bed, in an attic, or in any other storage space you have.

Use Velvet Hangers

Hangers made of the same material fit together well and don’t get caught up on one another.

Replace your wooden, metal, and plastic hangers with velvet ones. They are much thinner, so you can maximize the space in your closet.

Unlike hangers made of other materials, soft, luxurious velvet leaves no crease when you fold your pants over. They also prevent your clothes from slipping off.

They come in many different colors, so you can choose your favorite.

How To Organize A Small Closet With Lots Of Clothes: velvet hangers

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Invest In An Extender Rod 

Buy an extra extender bar, link it to your normal bar, and you’re done! You now have twice the amount of space for hanging clothing.

If you’re concerned about how much room this bar takes up, you may get an extension rod half the length of the original rod. 

How To Organize A Small Closet With Lots Of Clothes: extender rod

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Get Yourself Some Shelf Dividers 

Pick up some shelf dividers, then place a few on your closet shelves. They’ll assist you in dividing your shelves into smaller storage pieces.

You will make it easier to see where specific items belong by splitting your shelves into smaller “compartments.”

You might keep a stack of folded garments in each separate compartment to keep them from collapsing sideways into each other. These partitions are also useful for keeping big handbags upright. 

small closet organization ideas: shelf dividers

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Use Under-The-Shelf Baskets 

Shelves are useful for organization, but isn’t the empty area underneath them merely wasted space? Nope, not exactly.

Did you know you can get under-the-shelf storage baskets?

These useful baskets easily hook onto the shelf and function similarly to a drawer that hangs underneath the shelf in otherwise wasted space.

These are thus ideal for footwear, scarves, clutches, or any other tiny goods that might otherwise jingle around without a place to call home. Depending on the size of the basket, you could even keep clothing in it. 

small closet organization ideas: under the shelf baskets

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Try Adding As Many Hooks As You Can 

Hooks will be your next best buddy if you don’t have enough storage area.

They’re highly adaptable and may be used to hang anything from jackets and knitwear to handbags, scarves, and other accessories. You may even get inventive by tying your shoelaces to hang shoes on hooks.  

Over-the-door hooks are a good starting point, but they’re not the only method to add some hooks to your wardrobe.

Feel free to hang hooks wherever there is open wall space in your wardrobe. The more you find a place for it, the more organized your wardrobe will become. 

small closet organization ideas: extra hooks

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Purchase A Shoe Rack 

Sure, a shoe rack will eat up a considerable amount of floor area. However, as a trade-off, it lets you pile your footwear in tiers rather than having them all sprawl out on the closet floor.

If you don’t have many shoes, you may also keep other items on the shoe rack’s top tiers. 

 One alternative is to place the shoe rack on one of your shelves, freeing up all of your floor space. While this may not be the first thing that comes to mind, it may go a long way to making your floor feel less messy. 

small closet organization hacks: shoe rack

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Find All The Dead Space 

Most closets are full of dead space in the form of nooks and crannies. Dare yourself to think imaginatively about all the many spots where you could build an added shelf or hook. 

To DIY, or Not To DIY? 

Do you enjoy handicrafts and do-it-yourself projects? If you are interested in DIY closet organization ideas on a budget, you might like to consider making your own closet organizer.

The nicest part about this approach is that there is no proper way to go about it. Because it will be tailored depending on your demands and available space, it may appear any way you want it to. 

If you would like to give it a go, check out this DIY closet organizer tutorial from Lovely Etc.

It’s understandable that not everyone is skilled with crafts. We understand if you’d prefer to avoid any construction projects in the foreseeable future.

There are several pre-built organizers available to buy at a furniture or home goods store. These alternatives might include mobile shelving systems, movable sets of drawers, or a variety of different designs.

Browse the many styles available, choose what would work best for your closet, and then purchase it. 

small closet organization hacks: closet organizer

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Is It Time For A Closet Purge? 

No matter what tactics and organizers you use, the simple reality is that you may have far too many items to fit into your closet. At this stage, you should consider whether it’s time to go through and purge your wardrobe. 

small closet organization ideas: closet purge

We’re not proposing that you get rid of all of your beloved goods. That is something no one would want to do, and you should not have to.

Still, there is a freeing and empowered sensation that comes with letting go of items you no longer desire or need. It’s not simply useful for saving space. It’s also beneficial to your mental and emotional health. 

For your closet purge, we recommend going through each thing and analyzing it by asking yourself the following questions or something close: 

  • Is this item something I’ve worn or used in the last year? 
  • Is it fair to expect me to use or wear this in the following year? 
  • Do I have a strong emotional attachment to this thing that makes it very difficult for me to let go? 
  • How much space does this item now occupy? 
  • How disappointed would I be if I had to let go of this item? 

If you decide that an item no longer belongs in your wardrobe after answering these questions, we recommend getting rid of it by recycling it or donating it.

Don’t keep things just because “you might need it eventually; you never know.” You’ll feel much better for letting it go, and your wardrobe will seem a bit more spacious as a result. 

I hope these small closet organization ideas will help you successfully squeeze some extra storage space out of your wardrobe and make your life easier.

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