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If you want to know how to look good after a long flight, check out these top 10 travel beauty hacks that will make you feel and look fabulous when getting off the plane!

How To Look Good After A Long Flight: Top 10 Travel Beauty Hacks

Long flights can be very uncomfortable, especially if you are unprepared!

Maintaining a fresh, stress-free look when traveling can be challenging, to say the least. Being stuck in an uncomfortable seat for hours with dry cabin air, stodgy food, booze, and lack of sleep can make you look like a mess and feel equally bad.

Unfortunately, the opportunities for touch-ups when you are catching a flight and hauling your luggage through the airport are minimal.

There are, however, some things you can do to look good after a long flight. To help you out, I have prepared several tried and tested pre-flight and in-flight beauty tips that can help you feel and look fresh while traveling.

How To Look Good After A Long Flight: Things To Do Before The Flight

How To Look Good After A Long Flight: Top 10 Travel Beauty Hacks

Rest And Hydrate

How to prepare for a long-haul flight?

Most people don’t realize the 48 hours before flying significantly impact how they feel on board!

In the two days before flying, eat well – opt for healthy foods such as fish, nuts, and fruit.

Avoid drinking alcohol or drinks with a high amount of sugar or caffeine. Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. Electrolyte drinks and coconut water are great, too.

Sometimes, no matter what, it can be challenging to get proper sleep on a plane. Be well rested before your flight – try to get plenty of sleep before your journey so that you will cope more easily.

Additionally, booking the best IV drip in Los Angeles can enhance your overall wellness and energy levels, making it easier to stay refreshed and alert throughout your travel.

Pack Small Amounts Of Skincare And Makeup Products

There are some beauty essentials that you should pack in your carry-on luggage. It can be tricky as the space in your bag is limited, and you are only allowed small amounts of products, so you have to be clever to achieve maximum results with a minimum quantity of product.

Think about what beauty products are essential for you to have on board.

There are several products I always take on the plane: travel cleansing wipes (that can be used for both makeup removal and personal hygiene), panty liners, toothbrush & toothpaste, hairbrush, antiperspirant, perfume, a lightly tinted face moisturizer, face mist, eyebrow product, lip balm, dry shampoo, and antibacterial gel.

The easiest thing to do is to get a travel-size version of your products, if available. However, you can also transfer some of your regular-sized products into small travel-sized containers, like the ones below.

How To Stay Fresh On A Long Haul Flight

Secure all these containers in a ziplock bag to avoid any leaks. Throw them in your carry-on bag for easy access.

Choose The Window Seat

If you’ve been wondering where to sit on the plane, the answer is simple: window seat.

Before you get on the plane, you can reserve or request a window seat. They are the most comfortable for sleeping since you can lean your head on the side of the plane instead of trying to take a nap in an upright position.

Window seats grant you control of light exposure. You don’t have to worry about flight attendants, their trolleys, or other passengers bumping into you on their way down the aisle. You won’t be disturbed by anyone climbing over you to use the bathroom.

Statistically, choosing the window seat will result in a decreased likelihood of unwanted human contact. They maximize social distancing and offer the most privacy.

Sitting in the window seat can also reduce your risk of infection by having fewer people in close proximity than you would in other seats.

Pamper Yourself With A Relaxing Massage

What to do at the airport?

Some airport lounges have reclining massage chairs for passengers. Take advantage of that – sit and relax on one while waiting for your flight.

In the event of a stopover, you can go to a hotel spa to get a proper massage and skin moisturizing treatment.

How To Look Good After A Long Flight: Things To Do During The Flight

Top 10 Travel Beauty Hacks

Wear The Right Clothing

What to wear on a long flight?

It can be tempting to look fashionable when traveling, but clothing such as tight jeans and heels are not the best idea, and I promise you will regret wearing them before the first meal is served. Although, there’s no need to worry, as you can still look great during and after the flight!

When choosing your travel outfit, opt for comfy, loose-fitting clothes made of breathable fabrics like cotton to wear on the plane. In terms of footwear, the best option is to wear slides that you can easily slip off during the flight.

It is also recommended to bring an extra layer as getting chilly from the air conditioning can disrupt your slumber. Wearing compression socks will reduce leg swelling and keep your feet warm.

Put a change of clothes in your carry-on luggage. Firstly, you will want to get out of the same old clothes you’ve been in all day. Secondly, you can choose to wear whatever you want on your arrival, so you can swap your tracksuits and slides for a dress and heels!

Choose An Easy Travel Hairstyle

How do you wear your hair on a long flight? Simplicity is the key!

You want your hairstyle to be both comfortable during the flight and preserve your hair in the best condition possible for the arrival at your destination.

Pulling your hair back will keep it fresh and make reading and eating much more effortless. However, avoid buns or ponytails centered on the back of your head, as this will make sleeping pretty uncomfortable.

A top bun and a side ponytail are the two best hairstyles for long-haul flights. They are easy, comfortable, and make you look cute.

Avoid Unhealthy Onboard Temptations

What to eat and drink on the plane?

The temptation to indulge in alcohol and stodgy food served on the plane can leave you feeling groggy and restless.

Swap the pretzels and crisps for fruit and vegetables to keep your energy levels up throughout the journey.

Pass on heavy foods and sugary treats and choose healthy snacks if possible. Some may be available from the trolley (cereal bars or fruit), but you may want to bring your own, just in case.

It goes without saying you need to stay hydrated throughout your flight. Drink plenty of water, electrolyte drinks, or coconut water.

Drinking lots of fluids will undoubtedly result in more frequent visits to the plane lavatories; however, regular stretching will help reduce the risk of blood clots and will make you feel much better. It is recommended to walk around the cabin from time to time and roll your neck and shoulders to keep blood flowing.

Remove Your Makeup

How to take care of your skin on a long flight?

Catching some sleep while on the plane is super important, but remove all your makeup first.

Use cleansing wipes to completely get rid of the products on your face, and apply some face moisturizer. Use the spray mist throughout the flight – it’s refreshing and keeps skin hydrated.

How To Look Good After A Long Flight: Get Some Sleep

How to sleep on a plane?

Seasoned travelers often say that it’s next to impossible to have continuous sleep for several hours during a long-haul flight unless you’re flying first class. The tight seat arrangements, turbulence, noisy passengers, and crew making their way around make it difficult to get quality sleep.

However, fear not, as I have some great hacks that could help improve your sleep while on a flight!

Wear an eye mask, as it will help you fall asleep on a plane by blocking any light that can disturb your sleep cycle.

sleep hacks for a long haul flight

If you don’t want to hear the noise of your seatmate, plug in your earphones. Listen to music or sounds that make you sleepy. If you need complete silence to fall asleep, opt for silicone earplugs.

A neck pillow can be your best travel companion, but the trick is to wear it backward so that your neck stays in place.

This prevents you from making those sudden head-jerking movements when you’re asleep.

If you want to get some quality sleep on the plane, you should also skip video entertainment.

Most airlines today come with a large selection of movies and TV programs for passengers to enjoy throughout the flight. If you’re trying to fall asleep, you may want to ignore them altogether.

The shows stimulate your brain, keeping you more alert. Plus, the blue light emitted from the screens can decrease your melatonin production, making it harder for you to fall asleep.

Instead, you can read a book or a magazine, as it’s a more calm and relaxing activity.

I would advise against taking over-the-counter or prescription sleeping pills as they have long-lasting effects. They often make you feel drowsy and tired for many hours after you wake up.

You could, however, try some natural sleeping aids, i.e., vitamins and nutrients that induce better sleep. For example, eating food rich in magnesium, potassium, and calcium can help relax your muscles, which will help you sleep.

How To Look Good After A Long Flight: Transform Your Look Before Landing

If you notice puffiness around your eye area, there is an easy way to banish that.

Ask the flight attendant for some ice cubes and napkins. Wrap the ice cubes in a napkin and slide them from the inner eye corners up towards the brow in a circular motion. The drainage of excess fluid will dramatically improve the appearance of tired-looking under-eyes.

Apply light makeup no earlier than an hour before the plane lands to look fresh. Quickly fix your brows, then put on some tinted moisturizer and lip balm. Keep it au natural.

Fix your hair with a small amount of dry shampoo. You can wear it down if you want or add a headband for a bit of glam.

The last thing to do is to change into your outfit of choice and use some perfume, and you are ready to get off that plane looking fabulous!

So those are the ideas of how you can stay fresh during a long-haul flight. Follow these steps, and you won’t look like a hot mess the moment you get off that plane.

I hope you will find these tips useful for your next flight.

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How To Look Good After A Long Flight: Top 10 Travel Beauty Hacks

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