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Check out this bitch alert checklist – the five warning signs your friend is a bitch. It’s time to learn how to identify toxic behaviors and stop wasting time on fake friends!

The title of this post may seem funny, but it’s actually a serious issue in humorous disguise.

“People may not always tell you how they feel about you, but they will always show you. Pay attention.”

Keri Hilson

Human relationships are complex but there are some red flags that indicate that your friend is not really your friend and you should stop wasting your time on her.

I have created a bitch alert checklist for you that will help you ditch your frenemies once and for all!

Without further ado, let’s dive into it!

5 Signs Your Friend Is A Bitch

5 signs your friend is a bitch: how to identify toxic behaviours

1. Her achievements are always greater than yours and she is aggressively competitive

Whenever you mention an achievement of yours, she disregards it and makes you believe it was worthless, and then proceeds to inform you that she has actually achieved something much better.

A friendship based on competitive behavior is never a healthy or true friendship.

2. She isn’t happy for you when good things happen in your life

When you tell her that something good has happened in your life, she is not interested in discussing it and quickly changes the subject.

However, if something bad has happened, she wants to hear all about it!

3. She only contacts you when she wants something

You never hear from her unless she needs something from you.

The conversation always evolves around her, and you are always expected to be there for her, but she is never there for you.

4. Her compliments are backhanded

A backhanded compliment is not really a compliment but an insult, e.g., “I didn’t think you would get that job, congratulations!” or “That dress makes you look less fat than the other one.”
5 signs your friend is a bitch: how to identify toxic behaviours

5. She indirectly insults you or your beliefs

She insults someone else in a similar situation to yours or makes insulting generic comments concerning the circumstances that also apply to you.

How To Deal With Fake Friends

If you have a “friend” who displays any of the above behaviors, there is only one right thing to do – cut them out of your life. You are not going to change them; it’s not friendship, and it’s not healthy.

There is no need to confront them, argue with them, or try to explain why because it’s not going to change a thing.

The best way to handle this is to become unavailable. It’s really that simple.

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5 Signs Your Friend Is A Bitch: How To Identify Red Flags, Toxic Behaviours And Fake Friends


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