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Super cool DIY gifts for a boyfriend he’ll actually like and use – the best handmade gifts for him that are unique, easy, practical, and affordable!

DIY Gifts For Boyfriend

In a world where there is too much of everything and it’s all just one click away, is it still possible to give someone a meaningful gift?

Men can be especially difficult to shop for. They usually have everything they need, and they don’t care for impractical gifts.

If you are looking for a meaningful gift for your boyfriend or husband and feel clueless, there is a solution – a DIY gift.

There are numerous benefits of handmade gifts, and they go way beyond being affordable.

A handmade gift will let him feel loved and extra special because of the thought and time you put into making it.

As opposed to mass-produced store-bought stuff, your handmade gift will be one of a kind. You can also personalize it to match his personality and make it even more unique.

There are plenty of DIY gift ideas for men floating around the internet, but unfortunately, a vast majority of them are cheesy and simply suck, so it’s easy to get discouraged.

However, fear not, as I have found 25 cool and practical DIY gift ideas that he will actually like and use.

Whether you are looking for a DIY Christmas, birthday, anniversary, or Valentine’s Day gift for him, I’ve got you covered!

Although this article’s focus is DIY gifts for a boyfriend or husband, the items below will also make great gifts for your dad, brother, or male best friend.

Without further ado, let’s dive into it!

25 DIY Gifts For Boyfriend That Don’t Suck

You can get a tutorial for each product by clicking on the link underneath the picture.

1. DIY Leather Bracelet

These super cool leather bracelets are surprisingly quick and easy to make. You can personalize the color and style to match his personality.

DIY Gifts For Boyfriend: Leather Bracelets via Curly Made
via Curly Made

Get The Tutorial On Curly Made

2. Fibonacci Scarf

Every man needs a stylish scarf, so you can’t go wrong with this one! A good quality scarf handmade with love is a perfect gift.

DIY Gifts For Boyfriend: Fibonacci Scarf via eat, knit & diy
via eat, knit & diy

Get The Tutorial On eat, knit & diy

3. Scrabble Cuff Links

These cool scrabble cufflinks are super quick and easy to make! You can use his initials or any other letters that have a special meaning for him.

DIY Gifts For Him: Scrabble Cuff Links via hello, Wonderful
via hello, Wonderful

Get The Tutorial On hello, Wonderful

4. MacGyver-Style Chess Set

All men love their tools, and this ingenious chess set made from nuts and bolts is guaranteed to leave them speechless!

DIY Gifts For Boyfriend: MacGyver-Style Chess Set via WonderHowTo
via WonderHowTo

Get The Tutorial On WonderHowTo

5. Lego Star Wars Clock

A great gift for any Star Wars fan!

DIY Gifts For Boyfriend: Lego Star Wars Clock via Instructables
via Instructables

Get The Tutorial On Instructables

6. DIY Zen Garden

Buddhist monks created the first Zen gardens in the 6th century. It was first used as a meditative aid and later became a teaching tool for the basic Zen principles and concepts.

Playing with gravel, sand, and stone is a perfect way to relax, slow down, and connect to our inner selves.

Handmade Gifts For Him: DIY Zen Garden via Curbly
via Curbly

Get The Tutorial On Curbly

7. Rosemary Pine Beard Balm

This is a great gift idea for a bearded man. It helps to moisturize and condition both the beard and the face and has a great pine and rosemary scent with a slight hint of orange.

Handmade Gifts For Him: Rosemary Pine Beard Balm via Grow Forage Cook Ferment
via Grow Forage Cook Ferment

Get The Tutorial On Grow Forage Cook Ferment

8. Wool iPad Case

This stylish iPad case comes with an exterior back zipper pocket – just the right size to throw a few extra items in, like headphones, a pen, receipts, etc.

Handmade Gifts For Him: Wool iPad Case via Polka Dot Chair
via Polka Dot Chair

Get The Tutorial On Polka Dot Chair

9. Travel Tech Organizer

If he is a fan of travel and tech accessories, he will love this unique handmade travel-tech organizer! It will make his life much easier by allowing him to neatly organize all the little bits and pieces, such as the power cords and connector cables that accompany his favorite devices.

Practical DIY Gifts For Him: Vintage Book Travel Tech Organizer via Design Sponge
via Design Sponge

Get The Tutorial On Design Sponge

10. Leather Cuff

This super stylish leather cuff is very easy and quick to make.

DIY Gifts For Boyfriend: Leather Cuff via The Red Kitchen
via The Red Kitchen

Get The Tutorial On The Red Kitchen

11. Giant Jenga Game

This giant Jenga will leave him speechless! It’s the perfect yard game to play outside at BBQs.

DIY Gifts For Boyfriend: Giant Jenga Game via Creative Green Living
via Creative Green Living

Get The Tutorial On Creative Green Living

12. Homemade Whipped Eucalyptus Shaving Cream

Homemade beauty products are becoming increasingly popular for many reasons. You can control the ingredients and scents; they are often cheaper than store-bought products, and they make perfect gifts!

He will love this homemade whipped eucalyptus shaving cream so much that there is a serious risk you will have to make it for him every time he runs out.

DIY Gifts For Boyfriend: Homemade Whipped Eucalyptus Shaving Cream via The Garlic Diaries
via The Garlic Diaries

Get The Tutorial On The Garlic Diaries

13. Leather-Trimmed Laptop Case

Everyone needs a laptop case, and it’s always a great gift idea. But why buy him a boring, mass-produced piece when you can make a unique one yourself?

DIY Birthday Gifts For Him: Leather-Trimmed Laptop Case via Polka Dot Chair
via Polka Dot Chair

Get The Tutorial On Polka Dot Chair

14. Watch Stand

A watch stand is another fantastic gift for him, especially when it’s homemade.

DIY Gifts For Boyfriend: Watch Stand via The Merrythought
via The Merrythought

Get The Tutorial On The Merrythought

15. Stamped Leather Tie Clip

A very thoughtful little gift for a guy who wears ties.

DIY Gifts Ideas For Boyfriend: Stamped Leather Tie Clip via Lovely Indeed
via Lovely Indeed

Get The Tutorial On Lovely Indeed

16. “52 Things I Love About You” Deck Of Cards

A great Valentine’s Day gift idea for him that will make him feel loved and appreciated. It will also work great as an anniversary gift.

DIY Valentine Gifts For Him: "52 Things I Love About You" Deck Of Cards via Instructables
via Instructables

Get The Tutorial On Instructables

17. Bottle Opener

This cool DIY bottle opener has a box that will catch the bottle caps!

Cool DIY Gifts For Boyfriend: Bottle Opener via Shanty 2 Chic
via Shanty 2 Chic

Get The Tutorial On Shanty 2 Chic

18. Buffalo Check Rosemary Soap

This homemade manly soap is a very practical gift that will definitely get used.

DIY Gifts For Men: Buffalo Check Rosemary Soap via A Beautiful Mess
via A Beautiful Mess

Get The Tutorial On A Beautiful Mess

19. Comic Book Coasters

A fantastic gift idea for a nerdy comic book lover!

DIY Gifts For Men: Comic Book Coasters via Mod Podge Rocks
via Mod Podge Rocks

Get The Tutorial On Mod Podge Rocks

20. DIY Mouse Pad

He will be seriously impressed with the quality and style of this DIY leather mouse pad.

Homemade Gift Ideas For Boyfriend: DIY Mouse Pad via Man Made DIY
via Man Made DIY

Get The Tutorial On Man Made DIY

21. Crochet Slippers

A great Christmas gift idea for him because every man needs a pair of good slippers!

DIY Christmas Gifts For Him: Crochet Slippers via Make And Do Crew
via Make And Do Crew

Get The Tutorial On Make And Do Crew

22. Leather Luggage Tags

If you are in a long-distance relationship, this thoughtful little gift will make traveling to see you much more enjoyable for him.

DIY Gifts For Long-Distance Boyfriend: Leather Luggage Tags via Vicky Myers Creations
via Vicky Myers Creations

Get The Tutorial On Vicky Myers Creations

23. Travel Toiletries Bag

A thoughtful and practical gift that he will use on his travels.

DIY Gifts For Him: Travel Toiletries Bag via The Crafty Gentleman
via The Crafty Gentleman

Get The Tutorial On The Crafty Gentleman

24. Jack Daniel’s Soap Dispenser

Because why would he use a regular boring soap dispenser when he can use this super cool Jack Daniel’s one?

Funny DIY Gifts For Him: Jack Daniel's Soap Dispenser via Curly Birds
via Curly Birds

Get The Tutorial On Curly Birds

25. Jenga Keychain

Another Jenga-themed gift your guy will love and use every day!

DIY Gifts For Boyfriend: Jenga Keychain via Sarah Ortega
via Sarah Ortega

Get The Tutorial On Sarah Ortega

I hope you have enjoyed this post and it has inspired you to make some awesome DIY gifts for your man!

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