FBI investigates after chemicals for making explosives found in suspect’s car


ORANGE, Ohio (WJW) – A Mogadore man faces charges after investigators found chemicals in his car that are typically used to make explosives.

The Orange Police Department arrested 32-year-old Andrew Dodson on an alcohol-related driving offense on July 22.

While impounding Dodson’s car, officers found a large cache of explosive precursors, including about 10 pounds of potassium perchlorate, potassium nitrate, powdered sugar, batteries and vaseline. They also found a black tactical bag with “Police” written on it, containing ear protection and safety goggles.

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FBI agents interviewed Dodson at the Beachwood City Jail the following day. According to investigators, Dodson told them that he made smoke bombs for the Fourth of July and never took the materials out of his car.

The federal complaint affidavit alleges that while those materials can be used to make smoke bombs, the chemicals are also used to make cap-sensitive improvised explosives, or “Poor-Man’s C4.”

Investigators looked into Dodson’s social media accounts and found references to the Unabomber, explosives and remote detonators. They also found photos of flame throwers, soft armor, firearms and what appeared to be improvised grenades for a grenade launcher, the report states.

Investigators say Dodson also bought 50 pounds of potassium perchlorate between April and June of 2020. An FBI Special Agent bomb technician said potassium perchlorate is primarily used to make explosives.

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The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives stated that the National Firearms Registration and Transfer Record has no evidence of registered firearms or explosive devices by Dodson.

Dodson was placed into federal custody Wednesday morning. He’s charged with receiving or possessing unregistered destructive devices, making false statements and other violations.


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