Lake County sheriff warns residents of phone scam


LAKE COUNTY, Ohio (WJW) — The Lake County Sheriff’s Office issued a warning to residents about scam phone calls regarding jury duty.

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In a Facebook post, the sheriff’s office says the scam-caller identifies themselves as a law enforcement officer with the sheriff’s office or another police agency advising the person(s) that they missed their scheduled jury duty assignment and now have to pay a fine to have a warrant removed for their arrest.

The scammer instructs the person(s) to purchase gift cards as their fine and bring them to a county building, only to later ask them to provide the gift card numbers instead, once they arrive.

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The sheriff’s office says this is a scam and clarifies that any police agency, any federal agency or any court will never request that you pay a fine by phone, purchase gift cards or threaten arrest unless you pay an amount of money upfront.


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