Man arrested after threatening hotel workers in Miami


A man got taken down with a Taser after witnesses said he made a troubling threat, reportedly telling hotel workers that he was going to shoot up the Miami hotel.

The man made the threat at the popular Selina Miami Gold Dust Hotel along Biscayne Boulevard on Tuesday over a lost claim ticket for some luggage.

7News cameras rolled as the unruly hotel guest was subdued with a Taser, cuffed and arrested after fists went flying.

“Somebody got upset and threw a punch, and then the police were called,” said a woman.

The manager of the Selina Miami Gold Dust was on the receiving end of the man’s fist, with the jab hitting her in the right cheek.

At around 5:30 p.m., witnesses said the hotel guest was trying to get the luggage he left behind at the front desk, but the problem was he did not have his claim check.

From there, things escalated quickly and punches were thrown.

Even after police were called, the man was irate and began fighting with officers.

It took five officers almost two minutes to get their man under control, cuffed and placed in the back of the squad car.

The hotel manager is expected to be OK.

There’s no word on what charges the hotel guest will be facing, but he is expecting to make his first court appearance Wednesday morning.


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