Do’s and Don’ts for Copperhead snake bites



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MISSOURI (WSIL) — 85-95% of all venomous snake bites in Missouri are Copperhead bites.

Missouri Poison Control tells News 3 they’ve already had 12 reports of bites in June. They have some tips on how you can avoid one.

They say if you’re hiking-wear long pants and boots or closed-toe shoes
Bring a stick or flashlight with you so you don’t have to touch things like piles of wood
If you are bitten, stay calm
Make sure you take off clothing or jewelry around the bite area
Call poison control (1-800-222-1222) for immediate assistance

“Elevate the limb, whether it’s your arm or leg. We do not apply ice or any cold to it, which is kind of surprising for a bite and we also don’t put anything tight or constricting on it, like a tourniquet or a band or anything because that can damage the tissue,” said Missouri Poison Center Community Outreach Coordinator Amanda Ruback.

Poison control says don’t cut the fang marks and do not try to suck out the venom.

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