CVS to close Lincoln Ave location



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CVS has announced it is closing its Lincoln Ave location in South Peoria.

The store has not stated publicly why the store is closing, but it has handed out fliers to customers about the closure.

South Peoria neighbors said they are frustrated by the closing.
They said all the places to shop in South Peoria are being taken away.

“All of our businesses in Peoria are just…going away,” said resident Barbara Smith. “We don’t have anywhere to shop now. They’ve taken the grocery store, they’ve taken some of the clothing stores. We don’t have anywhere to go.”

The closest CVS is across the river in East Peoria. Neighbors will also have to turn to a nearby Kroger pharmacy three minutes away or a local Walgreens, about a mile away from the closing CVS location.

“CVS is up on the hill and Walgreens is up on the Western hill,” Smith said. “It’s not too far away but its far enough that somebody needs something they got to either walk, catch a bus or catch a ride.”

Smith said taking away stores in walking distance leaves the community without jobs, which could explain the spike in crime in the area.

The closure also raises concerns about the area becoming a pharmacy drought and food desert with the lack of grocery stores in the area.

First District Council Member Denise Jackson said the closure of the CVS is disappointing and a ripple effect of the frequent store closures in the area.

“As the infrastructures rebuild, new businesses will come and hopefully, we will begin to see the revival of not only that area but many areas,” Jackson said.

The company said in a statement that all prescriptions will be re-directed to the CVS on 200 North Main Street in East Peoria, about four miles away from the Lincoln location.

The CVS will close June 26.

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