Channel your inner Jackson Pollock at Paint Me One in Kendall


Jackson Pollock is one of the most famous abstract expressionists ever! But, all he really did was splatter a bunch of paint all over the place. Easy if you ask me! But now, you can find out! Alex Miranda is live in Kendall with a paint party inspired by the artist that’s perfect for the night before laundry day.

Here at Paint Me One, you’re going to learn to splatter paint with all kinds of objects, including this gigantic squirt gun.

Willow Smith once said…

Willow Smith (singing): “I whip my hair back and forth. Just whip it.”

But at Paint Me One in Kendall…

Jenna Kaplan, Paint Me One: “It’s a party for anyone at any age.”

We’re giving the cleaning crew an even harder time!

Alex Miranda: “This is going to get messy!”

With everything from birthday parties…

Robert: “We’re gonna, we’re gonna have fun!”

…to a special date night package.

Jenna Kaplan: “You can come to another part of the facility called the 305 Club, and there will be a DJ, and there will be horderves.”

Just suit up…

Alex Miranda: “Wait, where’s the zipper?”

…to keep clean, like Naomi Campbell at the airport.

Because in this glow studio…

Robert, art-ologist, Paint Me One: “Welcome to Paint Me One. My name is Robert.”

An “art-ologist” will teach you how to paint like abstract expressionist Jackson Pollock.

Alex Miranda: “I just feel like I’m just cleaning the wall. This isn’t… Robert, this isn’t working!”

With anything that can squirt.

Alex Miranda: “Say hello to my little friend!”

Before moving on to your very own canvas!

Robert: “You got your ideas together. Go to work!”

So, wish me pol-luck!

Alex Miranda: “Pull the finger back from the toothbrush. Ahh! Yes, I love it!”

Jenna Kaplan: “It happens to land on someone, and then, they’re like, ‘Oh, my God, we can, you know, splatter each other,’ and then, it just goes crazy.”

Alex Miranda: “Wow, let me tell you, I’m pretty clean compared to all these girls.”

Group: “No, you’re not!”

Alex Miranda: “What was that?”

Masterpiece parties are $65 per person for a one-hour, private session.

Alex Miranda: “I think i could give this to my trash can! It’s awful! What do you think?”

Robert: “It’s fabulous, bro.”

Alex Miranda: “That’s sweet, Robert.”

Robert: “Don’t put it in the trash can. I’ll take it home!”

Pollock-approved results are not guaranteed.

Alex Miranda: “Oh, come on. Stop showing off!”


Alex Miranda: “Robert, you know what I want to hear!”

Robert: “I got you!”

Fun always is.

To book your session, click on the link down below to be redirected to Paint Me One’s website, and the paint is washable.


Paint Me One
8768 SW 131st St.
Miami, FL 33176


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