Cedar Point raises pay, gets high-quality job applicants, CEO says


SANDUSKY, Ohio (WKBN) – Offering a high wage apparently brings in job applicants. Cedar Point says it should have its staffing issues resolved later this month.

Cedar Point started offering $20 an hour when it couldn’t get people to apply. Park officials say the higher wage is actually attracting higher-quality job applicants.

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“This is the most challenging labor market I’ve seen in 20 years. This is not a typical economic slowdown, this is a pandemic caused shutdown and now reopening the economy with an economic impact. That makes it uniquely different,” said Cedar Fair CEO Richard Zimmerman.

Zimmerman said not only do the higher wages draw higher-quality applicants and employees, but they also increase productivity.

“In our regional markets, we’ve been able to go in and adjust our wage rates. We’ve gone from market competitive to market leading. We want to get the number of applicants we need to provide the quality guest experience that the guests have come to expect from Cedar Fair,” he said.

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Cedar Point has been closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays because of the staffing shortage. They plan to be back open seven days a week starting June 27.

Zimmerman said all Cedar Fair U.S. prosperities are currently open.

The remarks were made Tuesday during the Goldman Sachs 2021 Travel and Leisure Conference.


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