‘The Sandlot’ star recreates moment from movie after his son is hit with a baseball


(WJW) — A star from “The Sandlot” recreated a scene from the famous movie after his son got his first black eye playing baseball.

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Patrick Renna shared the video on TikTok and Instagram.

He began the video with: “So Smalls, AKA, my four-year-old son Flynn, got his first black eye playing baseball, and I knew exactly what to do.”

Renna then pulls out a steak and slaps it on the giggling little boy’s eye, saying: “If you know, you know.”

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Renna played catcher Hamilton in “The Sandlot.” But he’s referring to a scene starring Tom Guiry as Scott Smalls. In the scene, Smalls is hit in the face by a ball. His step-father, Bill, played by Denis Leary, then slaps a steak on his eye.

The movie was released in 1993.


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