KHSD: “Corrective action” taken following viral allegations of LGBTQ+ harassment at Centennial High School


BAKERSFIELD, Calif. — Students were reportedly disciplined after an incident that sparked an online petition, a viral TikTok video and multiple Snapchat posts alleging students were harassed at the start of Pride Month at Centennial High School.

The TikTok, which has over 144-thousand views, was posted Friday and references Snapchat videos of students clad in Trump flags, and accused them of harassing non-straight students.

The woman says her son (who recently came out to her as transgender) told her about the incidents, while saying teachers did nothing.

A separate post by the local activist group 661VoicesHeard says students screenshotted another snap, showing a pride flag in a urinal. According to posts, at least one student urinated on it.

In a response to KGET-17, the Kern High School District wrote “The Kern High School District and Centennial High School recognize that students have varying viewpoints and opinions. One of the goals of the educational process is to teach students how to communicate respectfully with each other. Last week, students were informed of the expectations for peaceful expression on campus. School administration investigated reports of misconduct associated with the on-campus student exchanges in order to determine appropriate corrective action. Corrective action has been taken with the appropriate students. The District is prohibited from disclosing disciplinary outcomes for students.”

A petition on had gathered over 2,500 signatures by Monday evening, calling for disciplinary action from the school and district.


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