Dog recovering after being shot in the head and back in Perry County


PERRY COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) – A five-year-old German Shepard that was found shot in Perry County on Memorial Day weekend is expected to make a full recovery.

According to Country Road Animal Rescue, which is based in Wayne County, a man driving in the 2300 block of Old Hohenwald Rd. in Linden reported seeing a dog injured on the side of the road on his way home from work on May 29th. The dog was believed to have been dumped by an unknown person.

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A volunteer from the volunteer organization traveled to the rural area that night to find the dog. She put him in her car and took him to a veterinarian in Lewis County. After examining the dog and completing x-rays, the doctor found a bullet in his skull and his back. The dog, who the rescue decided to name Max, is slowly recovering at the vet’s office. The bullet in his spine temporarily paralyzed him.

“The worst part to me is the dog was not dead, so he was laying there bleeding to death, paralyzed and cannot move,” said Amanda Van Fleet, the vice president of Country Road Animal Rescue. “If Samantha could not go there and get him, either he would have died from his injuries or coyotes or some kind of wildlife would have finished him off. He laid there unable to move and that to me is the worst thing you could possibly do.”

Van Fleet started searching for people who were in the area that day. The volunteer who rescued him reported seeing shell casings all over the area he was found. The organization found out there was a target practice that took place there that day. The shell casings on the ground match the bullets found in Max, according to the vet.

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“The severity of his injuries are unbelievable,” Van Fleet said. “If he couldn’t walk, he is not adoptable. We’ve had dogs shot in the head they survived, but for two injuries like that, it’s pretty miraculous.”

The rescue is hoping to find out exactly what happened and track down the person responsible. Once Max makes a full recovery, he will be available for adoption. The organization has already received applications for Max after sharing his story on social media.

Country Road Animal Rescue
Country Road Animal Rescue

News 2 reached out to the Perry County Sheriff, Nick Weems. Weems said he was unaware of the incident until he spoke to one of his deputies. Weems will be contacting the organization to see if the department can assist.

If you’d like to help Max in his road to recovery, click HERE.

This is a developing story. Stay with News 2 and for updates.


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