Happy Tuesday, South Florida!

The beautiful weather that we saw over the weekend leaked into the start of the work week as Monday was picture perfect across South Florida. And this morning was a similar start for us while we woke up to warm conditions and a few isolated showers. Similar to Monday, our feels-like temperatures at 9 AM we’re already in the 90s, shaping up to be another steamy day across South Florida.

High pressure remains in control of our weather pattern yet again. It will continue to act as a roadblock from allowing storm systems to reach our state through the next few days. And with higher pressure to the northeast of us and lower pressures across the Caribbean, the pressure gradient remains tight across our area, which is what is bringing breezy conditions to South Florida once again.

A similar set up is expected today as to what we saw on Monday. We started off warm and humid, with most areas starting in the 80s earlier today. As we head into the afternoon, our temperatures will once again be ‘typical’ in the upper 80s. But once you factor in the humidity, our feels-like temperatures will once again be in the 90s. So if spending any significant time outdoors today, be sure to keep hydrated. We will once again enjoy a breezy East to Southeast wind with wind gusts surpassing 20 mph at times. And other than isolated showers like saw this morning, South Florida‘s rain chances will remain low.

Looking ahead, no major changes are expected around here,…at least through a good chunk of the work week. Every day South Florida will enjoy plenty of sun during the afternoon hours after seeing a few isolated showers during the morning. The breezy conditions will continue until at least the middle of the week and then lighter winds will finally return to the forecast. At this time, you will begin to notice our temperatures warming once again during the afternoon. During this time our afternoon high temperatures could possibly be reaching the 90s once again by the end of the week and even warmer for the upcoming weekend where we could also see a few more isolated showers return to the forecast.

Have a great day!

Erika Delgado
WSVN Channel 7 News


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