BPD gives information on warning signs, prevention tips for Elder Abuse Prevention Month


BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — June is Elder Abuse Prevention Month and the Bakersfield Police Department is taking the opportunity to inform the public about the warning signs and provide information about how to get help.

BPD says elder abuse includes any act that constitutes taking advantage of an elderly person for personal gain or not providing proper care that they need.

Warning Signs:

Poor hygiene
Uncombed/matted hair, foul-smelling or other signs of not bathing for an extended period of time
Bruises, scratches, welts, burns, blisters, lacerations
Untreated medical conditions
Weight loss
Withdrawn or depressed
Angry outbursts
Confused or easily frightened
The disappearance of important papers (checkbooks or legal documents)
Unusual activity in bank account(s)
Lack of personal grooming items or clothing
Loss of ATM or credit cards, or leaves cards with someone not authorized to oversee their finances or purchases
Unpaid bills
The appearance of a stranger who begins a close relationship and offers to manage the elder’s finances or assets


Research facilities and do background checks if possible. Learn more at www.bbb.org or www.medicare.gov

Ask to see the facility’s license and the latest inspection report
Get your financial and legal affairs in order (estate planning, wills, trusts, powers of attorney, advanced health care directives, etc.)
Stay in touch with friends and family
If you are unhappy with the care you are receiving, speak up

If you know of someone who you suspect is being victimized, report it by calling the Bakersfield Police Department at 661-327-7111 or 911 if a life is in immediate danger. You can also call Kern County Aging and Adult Services at 661-868-1006 or visit their website.


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