Airport parking company blames understaffing for leaving customers ‘stranded’


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Several passengers said they landed at BNA late Sunday night to find their paid shuttle service was unresponsive.

“They make it such a big deal to say free shuttle and they’re open 24/7/365, but they definitely weren’t,” Customer Franchesca Walker said.

Travelers say Fly Away Airport Parking did not have staff on site to pick them up or retrieve their keys at the parking lot.

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“I was in the airport waiting on a ride from midnight to 4:30 because they left us stranded,” Customer Brittany Parks said.

The Fly Away manager told News 2 that the situation was due to understaffing and refunds will be given to affected customers.

Customers said they took Ubers to the parking lot in the attempt to find their cars and their keys to get home. When they arrived, customers said the gate was unlocked as well as many of their cars.

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While customers say they tried to call Metro Police for help, the response was delayed. So many took it upon themselves to locate their keys and left.

“I am six months pregnant; I was so exhausted, I was tired. I was like, I was so frustrated, my husband’s tired, we’re just like, man we just want to get home, we already have another hour trip to get home, our flights got delayed an hour,” Walker said.

Walker and Parks tell News 2 they have not received a response from the company about a refund. Both were told to call back on Tuesday when the manager would be in the office.

Fly Away Airport Parking is not affiliated with BNA.

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