Photographer shares bittersweet photos, video of father swan carrying babies after the mom dies


BOSTON (WJW) — A Boston photographer captured bittersweet images and video of a father swan caring for his cygnets after their mother passed away.

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Photographer Sylvia Zarco documented the swan family’s journey on her Owed to Nature Facebook page.

A June 1 post states Zarco went to visit the family after a cold, windy weekend. She said the mom swan couldn’t lift and hold up her head and couldn’t swim properly.

“Dad wouldn’t leave her. When the cygnets went for a swim, you could see how torn he was between staying with and encouraging his mate and protecting their young. When it was clear she couldn’t get back to the nest, he seemed to help her to the opposite shore where she eventually put her head on the rocks so she wouldn’t drown,” the post states.

She said that by the time Boston Animal Control arrived, the mom swan passed away.

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On June 4, Zarco posted photos of the cygnets hitching a ride on their dad’s back.

A post dated June 6 said the cygnets are learning to feed themselves and “venture further into the water world.”

To follow their journey, click here.

For more on Syliva Zarco, click here or visit her instagram page here.


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