Four-year-old’s lemonade stand raises thousands for St. Jude


TRIVOLI (WEEK) — A current St. Jude patient’s family raised over $2,300 through a lemonade stand to benefit the hospital that helped them.

Four-year-old Tucker Jones was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia two years ago.

“It feels very lonely sometimes in the cancer world,” Tucker’s mom Morgan said. “You don’t feel heard.”

Tucker is now in remission, but is still receiving treatment from St. Jude. Sunday marked the two-year anniversary of his diagnosis. His family is now doing their part to give back.

Tucker’s mom says the lemonade stand idea partially came from Tucker, who got the idea from a children’s TV show “Curious George”.

“He really did want to do a lemonade stand before I even though about doing something for St. Jude,” Morgan Jones said.

The proceeds from the lemonade stand go right back to St. Jude. And the community came by the dozens Sunday to Trivoli.

Donations of any amount were accepted for lemonade.

His parents say Tucker is one smart and tough kid, who understands St. Jude saved his life and wants to give back.

Tucker’s dad Ian Jones says the journey has been a long road, but they are happy to engage and share with the community.

“A lot of people are here to help end the fight against what he’s going through,” Ian Jones said. “It’s really a great day.”

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