Happy Monday, South Florida!

Hopefully everyone had a wonderful weekend. We really lucked out down here as drier conditions moved into our area after a few days of unsettled weather in South Florida. And this morning we were still enjoying quiet conditions other than an isolated shower too. One thing we did notice was that the breeze was already on the stronger side at the start of the day.

So why are things so quiet all of a sudden? We have a strong high-pressure system that has regained control of our weather pattern and is acting as a roadblock from allowing storm systems to come our way.  It is responsible for our quiet weather pattern here across South Florida and that was the change that made all the difference for this past weekend

For today a similar set-up is expected as what we saw on Sunday. A few isolated morning showers and some clouds will give way to mainly dry conditions during the afternoon hours along with plenty of sun. Our afternoon high temperatures will feel warm but they will actually be typical for this time of year in the upper 80s. The reason? Well, even though we have drier air in the mid and upper levels of the atmosphere, we still have plenty of moisture and humidity at the surface. This makes our temperatures feel much warmer than the actual air temperature. The good thing is that we are expecting another breezy day so that should at least bring some refreshing change at times, especially if you live along the coastal areas.

Looking ahead, no major changes are expected around here,…at least through a good chunk of the work week. Every day South Florida will enjoy plenty of sun during the afternoon hours after seeing a few isolated showers during the morning. The breezy conditions will continue until at least the middle of the week and then lighter winds will finally return to the forecast. At this time, you will begin to notice our temperatures warming once again during the afternoon. During this time our afternoon high temperatures could possibly be reaching the 90s once again by the end of the week and for the upcoming weekend where we could also see a few more isolated showers return to the forecast.

Have a great day!

Erika Delgado
WSVN Channel 7 News


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