10 tires stolen from Peoria Midwest Food Bank trucks


PEORIA (WEEK) — Peoria Midwest Food Bank is looking for answers after tires were stolen off of their delivery trucks.

Food Bank Operations Manager, Rolland Reed, said 10 tires were stolen off of trucks and trailers around 2 am on Sunday morning. He said it will cost up to $500 per tire to replace.

The food bank showed 25 News surveillance video, which showed two men in a rental truck circling the parking lot. Later, the video shows the men trying to open a storage unit. The men then make their way to the tires.

Midwest Food Bank is a not-for-profit food distribution organization and serves more than 300 non-profits in the area. Other areas include parts of Iowa, Missouri and Kentucky.

“The money now we’re going to spend on these tires to replace them, now won’t be able to be used to purchase food or pay for fuel to go get food to be donated. So that puts a hurt on us,” said Reed.

The food bank was able to have the tires replaced Monday afternoon.

According to the Peoria Police report, there are no suspects in the investigation.

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