Damp after dark?


In the current weather pattern, the best chance to “encounter a shower” will be late at night OR during the early morning hours. So, that means we’re expecting plenty of dry time during the daytime (for a change). This general rule doesn’t apply, though, to the Everglades and SW Florida. In those locations, the Sea Breeze boundaries will be active enough to trigger afternoon and evening rain and storms. Basically, they’re on a totally different time line.

High Pressure is currently building over the region and even getting stronger. The high is centered over the distant Atlantic Ocean and providing us with an onshore flow. While there’s a big supply of summer-type heat, southeast Florida is actually catching a break. The reason? We’re getting a helpful breeze off the ocean waters AND that breeze will be getting stronger, beginning Monday. With that east-to-southeast (onshore) wind flow, not everything is a help. As typical, we’ll have a high threat of rip currents at the beach. Boaters, too, will have to battle higher seas through the start of the work week.

Keep in mind that things could be so much worse this time of the year. Of course, we’re now officially into the start of the 2021 Hurricane Season. While there are no areas of concern at the present time, we sometimes see tropical activity flare up, in June. Be aware that conditions can change from day to day or week to week, and check in with Channel 7 weather for the latest information. As you may know, this year’s Hurricane Season is projected to be above average when it comes to the number of tropical storms and hurricanes. We’ll be following it all.


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