Hollywood’s got horses, demons, football and romance for us this week. It’s probably safe to say there’s something for everyone. If not, we don’t know what you’re looking for. Here’s a preview of this week’s new movie releases, because it’s Showtime.

Marsai Martin (as Pru Granger): “Just take it slow. Horses can feel what you feel.”

Isabela Merced (as Lucky Prescott)” It’s in your heart to run free. It’s in mine, too.”

Save a cowboy — befriend a horse. Isn’t that how the saying goes?

“Spirit Untamed” is about a rebellious young girl’s bond with a wild horse, who she names Spirit. What are the odds?

Star Isabela Merced told Deco this is an on-screen friendship that’s meant to be.

Isabela Merced: “They happen to meet each other and be in the same place at the right time. It’s really a kindred spirit, kind of soulmate connection.”

Mena Suvari (as Treya Wilber): “Ken, I’m scared.”

Stuart Townsend (as Ken Wilber): “Let’s make it a new beginning.”

Love always wins, people. “Grace and Grit” is a romantic drama based on a true story.

The film explores a couple’s relationship, and the turbulence the two experience after a cancer diagnosis.

Laurence Fishburne (as Harold Christian): “It don’t matter what they say. They don’t know us. They don’t know what we got in here — heart!”

I guess you could consider this movie a spectator sport. “Under the Stadium Lights” is also based on a true story. It’s about a Texas high school football team’s challenges, both on and off the field.

Patrick Wilson (as Ed Warren): “The court accepts the witness of God every time a witness swears to tell the truth. I think it’s about time they accept the existence of the devil.”

Heaven help them! Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga are back as Ed and Lorraine Warren, in “The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It.”

The two investigate the real case of a man who pleaded not guilty to murder by reason of demonic possession.

Patrick told Deco he checked his opinion at the door when preparing for the movie.

Patrick Wilson: “It’s not for me to really judge that or say, ‘I don’t believe it,’ because that doesn’t help. I have to look at it through the eyes of Ed Warren.”

John Noble (as Kastner): “A master satanist is not an adversary to be taken lightly.”


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