Happy Saturday, South Florida!


Hopefully everyone had a great work week.  The first week of June offered a mixed bag as far as our weather is concerned. There were many unsettled times with rain and thunderstorms in the forecast but then by Friday we began to see drier conditions across our area. And it looks like we will finally begin to see quiet conditions through the next few days. But it won’t be completely dry as we woke up to isolated showers across south Florida very early this morning.


The upper level low pressure system that was near the Bahamas for a few days finally moved out of our area. That, together with some deep tropical moisture that moved into South Florida, is what helped trigger those few rainy days across South Florida. But now we are left under the influence of a strong high-pressure system once again, together with some dry air in the mid and upper levels of the atmosphere. That will help bring quiet conditions for us.


So what can we expect today? Well for one, we won’t be 100% dry as we still saw our typical summertime weather pattern of isolated morning showers. But as we head into the afternoon any shower and thunderstorm activity will be inland-focused. And that’s pretty much the norm around here this time of year. Because of the decrease in rain activity and in cloud cover, South Florida‘s afternoon high temperatures will be reaching into the upper 80s. So it will be feeling steamy today, especially once you factor in the humidity at the surface. This will make temperatures ‘feel like’ the 90s today.


The latter part of the weekend seems to look slightly drier than today. Drier air will continue to move into South Florida and this will decrease our rain chances even during the morning hours. It is very likely that we still see a spotty to isolated shower during the morning hours but the rest of our Sunday looks to remain mainly dry with afternoon high temperatures once again reaching into the upper 80s. One difference you will notice on Sunday is that the breeze will begin to build once again. South Florida will be entering a breezy to gusty weather pattern for the upcoming work week.


And while we’re on the topic of stronger winds, expect an East to Southeast wind of up to 20mph through much of the upcoming work week with wind gusts reaching as high as 25 to 30 mph at times, especially across our coastal locations.  The drier weather pattern will leak into the start of the work week with low rain chances every day other than an isolated shower or two during the morning hours. A few isolated showers may be possible once we reach the end of the work week but for now no significant rainfall is expected through the forecast period.


Have a great weekend!


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