Kern residents seek relief from sweltering heat


BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — Temperatures are soaring and the sun is beating down on Kern County as we enter the fourth day of the summer’s first heat wave. Temperatures in Bakersfield skyrocketed to 102 degrees today, following several sizzling days. Experts say you need to stay prepared, to stay safe during what is already a sweltering summer. Staying hydrated and finding shade can help you beat the heat, but that’s not all.

“You can also wear loose-fitting clothes so you stay cool,” said Jonathan Dario, M.D., Department Chair of Medicine for Adventist Health Bakersfield. “Try to keep them not as dark so they don’t absorb as much of that heat.”

Experts say keep a close eye on your car, and try not to leave it in the sun.

“Within a 10-minute period of time it can have deadly temperatures for small children and our animals, or for anyone, for that matter,” said Michelle Corson, Public Information Officer for the Kern County Public Health Dept.

The Kern County public health department says you should never leave children, pets or elderly relatives in a parked car. Experts say you can save lives by keeping your seats empty and your doors locked.

“Children can go outside and get curious, get into a vehicle, and get locked into a vehicle and not be able to get out,” said Corson.

County officials reopened local cooling centers to give residents a break during the hottest parts of the day.

“They are open all summer and it’s seven days a week when they’re activated,” said Michele Timmerman, who works with the Kern County Aging and Adult Services Dept. “In the valley area if it’s forecast to be 105 or higher they’re open. In the desert areas it’s 108, and in the mountain areas it’s 95 degrees.”

For more heat safety tips click here, and for a list of cooling centers click here.


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