Get a full taste of Broward’s food scene at Hollywood Beach’s first food festival


There’s a first time for everything, and this weekend, Hollywood Beach is getting its first food festival. Deco’s got all the deets on why this premier event is going to be something to savor.

Hollywood Beach is quiet now, but it’s coming alive this weekend for the the first annual Savor SoFLO Festival.

Tammy Gail, Savor SoFLO Festival: “It’s a phenomenal food and wine festival. It exposes all the great culinary talent in the area, in Broward County, under one big tent.”

The festival’s been around on Florida’s west coast in Clearwater Beach and St. Petersburg.

Now, it’s ready for its Hollywood close-up.

Tammy Gail: “Hollywood had the bone structure that we needed. The dynamics of the market are perfect. It’s got a vast beach that we can continue to expand and build the event. We can continue to grow the event year after year.”

The party’s going down on the Broadwalk behind the Margaritaville Resort. Perfect since the Margaritaville Resort is one of seven local joints in the two-day party, along with Twin Peaks and Mastro’s Ocean Club.

Chef Louis Matorano, Margaritaville: “To be able to go outside and kinda let our hair down, have a blast in the open and represent the hotel, and come on, you’re in paradise, on Hollywood Beach. It’s phenomenal.”

The chef is whipping up jambalaya, one of his specialty dishes, for the weekend.

Louis Matorano: “It’s a staple dish here in Margaritaville. A lot of the overtones that we have here in Margaritaville range from New Orleans.”

You know what goes great with jambalaya? A savor-tini. The vodka-based cocktail is the signature drink of the festival because it partners perfectly with everything.

Anita Pendleton, guest: “I think it’s pretty easy and smooth, and it’s gonna go very well with multiple dishes and all different types of food that we’re gonna taste during the festival.”

One thing’s for sure. You’ll get a full taste of the Broward food scene at Savor SoFLO.

Tammy Gail: “We really have a very diverse group of restaurants, of chefs, of levels of talent. It’s gonna be pretty interesting.”

Brandon Allen, guest: “We’re big fans of beer, wine and great food, so yeah, it seems like it should be a great time.”

You can still purchase tickets for this weekend’s Savor SoFLO Festival by clicking the link below.


Savor SoFLO Festival
(behind the Margaritaville Resort)
1111 N. Ocean Drive
Hollywood, FL 33019


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