Washington 7-year-old spends his Friday’s passing out flowers after chemo treatments



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WASHINGTON (WEEK) — A seven-year-old Washington boy has spent his Friday’s passing out flowers at Aldi, after his mom saw a social media challenge to do a random act of kindness for someone.

“It’s really fun to do,” said seven-year-old, Ray Guth.

“They kind of nicknamed him flowerboy,” said Ray’s mother, Katie Guth.

Ray Guth doesn’t come straight after school though, he comes after his weekly chemotherapy sessions. There, his rare autoimmune disorder opsoclonus-myoclonus syndrome, is treated.

“He’ll get tremors, he’ll shake like Parkinson’s, sometimes he has problems swallowing and will asperate, his eyes dance all over, and then there’s just the whole cognitive part of it,” said Katie Guth.

His mom said he had been receiving treatment for the past five years. She said after handing out flowers for the past two months, it has helped him get through it.

“At treatment he started asking, if I sit really still can I get more flowers?” said Katie Guth.

Ray said his favorite flowers to pass out were yellow and pink roses.

The employees at Aldi started to notice him and gave him a $30 gift card to the store.

“First things out of his mouth was like, I can buy so many more flowers,” said Katie Guth.

“I’m like oh my gosh,” said Ray Guth.

“He didn’t think of himself, he just thought of how many more people he can bless,” said Katie Guth.

After posting it to social media, they have received more than $300 in flower donations.

“He just tackles everyday and he has a purpose and that purpose is to make people feel good and love on everybody. And he makes it easy,” said Katie Guth.

While his mom doesn’t know how much longer he’ll need treatments, Ray Guth will be outside Aldi, every Friday.

“Because people really like having flowers,” said Ray Guth.

To donate, visit Ray Guth’s GoFundMe page.

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