Put your voice acting skills to the test at The Kitchen’s audition days


Don’t you just love a good voice? If you have one, a dubbing studio in Miami says don’t waste it! Alex Miranda, who never wastes a minute of time to talk, is here with more.

All ages are invited as long as you can read, wouldn’t mind a couple of extra bucks in your pocket and have a flair for the dramatics.

Ever been told you have a great voice?

Voice actress: “After starting in traditional metal work…”

Well, you might be able to milk it for some money!

Voice actress: “Look at yourself! You’re a liar!”

… at Miami’s The Kitchen”!

Deeny Kaplan, The Kitchen: “We actually give work to professional actors.”

But also…

Deeny Kaplan: “Your normal, everyday teacher, doctor, housewife.”

Some of your favorite movies and TV shows have been dubbed here from…

Deeny Kaplan: “All languages to American English to neutral Spanish to Brazilian Portuguese and Parisian French.”

Everything from “Ray Donovan” to…

Deeny Kaplan: “We’ve been dubbing all 24 seasons of ‘South Park’ into Spanish and Portuguese here.”

So, unleash your inner ham!

Sean, voice actor: “Is that all right? OK, I’ll follow you! Come on!”

But, this is voice acting…

Sean: “I do the ummmmmm to get the low ends and ahhhhhh to get more of a high pitch.”

OK, so you do have to audition.

Deeny Kaplan: “We have audition days, and we are always looking for talent.”

For mine, we started with a heist movie scene.

Roms, technician: “Make sure you speak clearly and enunciate perfectly, so we understand what you are saying.”

Alex Miranda: “Our boss is not going to believe when he sees what I’m doing here! It’s going to be a surprise! Maybe I’ll finally get the raise I want! It’s been years!”

Then, a recipe.

Alex Miranda: “It’s quite simple. If you don’t know how to prepare it, I will explain it.”

Roms: “Ugh, Alex, this is a commercial. You’re supposed to read it as an announcer.”

Alex Miranda: “Oh, it wasn’t supposed to be sexy?”

And finally…

Deeny Kaplan: “We do a lot of telenovelas.”

Alex Miranda: “Roberto… Roberto!!! Donde estas, mi amor?? Nooo!!!

Roms: “Uhhh, Alex, that wasn’t a part of the script.”

Actors make at least $25 a session, but the more lines you book, the more money you make!

Deeny Kaplan: “An actor who can do more than just be an announcer is somebody who really has a future in this business.”

To audition to become a voice actor, email casting@thekitchen.tv.

You have to be a native speaker in the language you audition for, and all ages are invited, even kids, as you can read.


The Kitchen
265 NE 24th St., #401
Miami, FL 33137


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