Illinois historic landmarks make endangered list



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Landmark Illinois has announced the 2021 most endangered historic places in Illinois where historic Green Book sites are on the brink of being demolished.

The 1889 Havana Tower in Havana is one of the buildings on the list, one that residents said is an essential part of their community.

Landmark Illinois Director Frank Butterfield said it will take $300,000 to repair the building and $1 million to make it operational.

The 1926 Broadview Hotel in East St. Louis also made the list.

Butterfield said a redevelopment plan to turn the hotel into senior housing is in the works. The River Edge Redevelopment Zone, where Peoria is one of five designated zone cities, was a critical source in financing the project.

“We are in danger of losing more of these places and stories. We want to elevate and share the stories of these important places.”

Butterfield said the properties on the list are buildings that lack maintenance and funding and fears many may not know about it.

The places are listed in the Green Book, published in the mid-20th century as a guide to safe places for Black people to eat and stay.

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