Rob Lowe shares his love of hosting ‘Mental Samurai’ Season 2


Ready for some mind games? Rob Lowe sure is!

And he’s dishing with Deco about season two of Fox’s “Mental Samurai.” Game on!

Strap in and get those thinking caps on!

The mind-bending ride of “Mental Samurai” is back for round two, and host Rob Lowe told Deco things are a little different this time.

Rob Lowe: “Well, first of all, we change the rules of the game and we made it more winner-friendly, so, people are winning more money, but, the biggest change that I love is, is now they’re competing not against the course, so much, but against each other. It’s mano a mano.”

Rob is a man of many talents. But he never knew he’d end up having a love of hosting.

Rob Lowe: “I never saw myself as, ‘I know. One day, I want to host a game show.’ I like wasn’t on my radar at all. I thought this would be just fun to see if I like it and turns out, I love it, and why I love it is being able to interact with the players. This is a big deal. There is a lot of money at stake and they’ve got two minutes.”))

And he’s not afraid to play the game himself.

Rob Lowe: “The sequence tower is really easy for me. Really easy for me. The memory tower is really, really easy for me, but boy, puzzles are a big problem for me.”

And when it comes to trivia…

Rob Lowe: “Don’t come at me with Trivial Pursuit because I will put you down on the ground.”

Rob does it all, from “Mental Samurai” to “9-1-1: Lone Star” and guessing on “The Masked Dancer.” So, what else does he have up his sleeve on Fox?

Rob Lowe: “I love being on ‘Family Guy.’ Been on ‘Family Guy’ a bunch of times. You know, I’ve been on ‘The Orville’ because I love Seth MacFarlane. He and I are homies. I do whatever Seth MacFarlane tells me to do, I do, so, I’m always down to clown with, with, with Fox Animation Domination.”

You can catch a new episode of “Mental Samurai” tonight at 9 p.m. right here on 7.


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