MDC Board of County Commissioners meet to discuss what can be done following increased gun violence


Law enforcement officers, local leaders and residents are calling for change following the recent string of deadly shootings.

Miami-Dade Commission Chairman Jose “Pepe” Diaz held a discussion with the Board of County Commissioners in downtown Miami, Wednesday morning to discuss what can be done.

“This is something that is isolated incidents of people that are cowards that are trying to disrupt our way of life and who we are to get their own vengeance on particular situations that they have,” said Diaz. “That’s the things we have to discuss.”

Seven people were shot during a shooting in Wynwood late Friday. Quinton Valbrun, 25, was killed.

On early Sunday morning, two people died and 21 others were injured after a shooting outside a banquet hall in Northwest Miami-Dade.

In Miami’s Midtown neighborhood, two people who went out for a stroll were shot at during a robbery Monday outside of a parking garage. The victims fired back, and the robber was killed.

Later that night, chaos on South Beach broke out when bullets flew through Miami Beach’s South of 5th neighborhood. Two victims were seen on stretchers at the hospital.

On Wednesday morning, a man and a woman were hospitalized after another shooting in Miami.

The shootings across South Florida are raising alarms now since the crime scenes are at popular tourist destinations.

Miami-Dade County Mayor Daniella Levine Cava said she has a plan to curb gun violence.

The plan would be a $90 million investment to help keep youth off the streets when it comes to them getting involved in things they should not be.

“It’s not so much on the reactiveness of something like this, it’s to be continuously looking at what our community is, looking at our young people, making sure that they don’t fall within these realms of these gangs and things like that and to find a way to stop this type of violence in our community,” said Diaz.

The Miami-Dade County Black Affairs Advisory Board is also meeting on Wednesday to discuss what they would want to see done in the county in the aftermath of the recent violence.


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