‘Just want to walk today’: Video shows officer get to know, guide woman with dementia back home


BOULDER, Colo. (WJW) — A Colorado police officer walked with and got to know a woman with dementia after she wandered from home earlier this month, and it was caught on video.

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KDVR reports the woman’s husband called police after she wandered off alone.

Officer David Kaufman responded and quickly found her.

He asked her if she wanted a ride to go see her husband, but she responded: “No, I just want to walk today.”

Kaufman and some others spent about an hour walking side-by-side with her as he got to know her.

They walked until the woman got tired and accepted a ride home.

Kaufman told KDVR his father suffers from dementia.

“I’m aware of what could be happening at any moment and how…tenuous it is. It was definitely personal to me, too, to get this person back to her husband.”

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A team of eight people actually responded to the call, including officers and a mental health clinician.


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