Cleveland Indians, other area businesses prepare for full capacity as health orders expire


CLEVELAND (WJW)– As the Indians got ready to take on the White Sox Tuesday night, Progressive Field was also getting ready.

“We are excited to open the doors to full capacity. We can’t wait,” said Curtis Danburg, with the Indians organization.

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Most of the COVID-19 health orders in the state will officially expire at midnight. That means restrictions will be lifted and capacity limits will be removed.

“We have some work to do. Between post game Tuesday night and before first pitch Wednesday, we have to take all those zip ties off every seat in the ballpark,” Danburg said.

After Wednesday, it will be up to establishments and businesses to set their own rules in terms of masking and social distancing. Crust Pizza isn’t flipping the switch overnight.

“We’re still going to keep masks going for a little bit and still have the 6 feet distancing going. We’re fortunate to have patios,” said Michael Griffin, owner.

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This will also mean the end of some tough decisions for parents and guardians of student athletes. When the health orders are gone, so will the attendance restrictions in most high school sports.

For the first time in 14 months, family members will be able to watch games and practices.

“It’s kind of like Christmas in a way,” said Mike D’Andrea, owner of T3 Performance.

The health orders being lifted is a game-changer for the athlete training facility in Avon, which trains thousands of athletes a week.

“Obviously, a lot of the kids are excited. But probably the people most excited are the parents. We do a lot of camps, clinics, leagues and training.  For the past year, it’s been one parent allowed, if any at all,” said D’Andrea.

D’Andrea said all clinics, camps, classes, and leagues will go back to full capacity.

“For our coaches to not have to communicate with masks and have all these restrictions, it will be great,” D’Andrea said.

COVID-19 health orders will remain in effect for nursing homes and assisted living facilities.


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