Browns linebacker Myles Garrett ‘retires’ from basketball


BEREA, Ohio (AP) — Myles Garrett‘s basketball playing days are over.

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The Cleveland Browns defensive end, who recently posted videos on Twitter and Instagram of him dominating on the hoops court, said he’s going to put one of his hobbies to the side to concentrate on football.

“I gotta go back to what I’m good at, what I usually do. Playing football, rushing the passer, stopping the run. But next season, you never know, I might go back to basketball. I might play baseball, see if I can get on a team,” Garrett said with a smile on his face.

Aight I’m going back to football 😂

— Flash Garrett ⚡️ (@MylesLGarrett) May 26, 2021

Garrett, who is attending Cleveland’s voluntary conditioning program, joked that he’s following Michael Jordan’s lead. While Garrett joked around, Browns coach Kevin Stefanski seemed pretty serious when he said Garrett has hung up his sneakers.

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The Browns don’t want Garrett to risk injury after signing him to a $100 million contract extension last summer.

Garrett, who contracted COVID-19 last season, called the recovery a long road, but said he’s feeling like his normal self.

“I’m feeling back at my peak with the world ahead of me,” he said.


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