These are the best cities for ‘naked gardening,’ study says


(NEXSTAR) – If you find yourself ever wanting to garden in the buff — apparently you’re not alone.

A new study from LawnStarter, a lawn care service provider, has ranked the top cities for “naked gardening.”

“Enjoy gardening in your birthday suit? Hey, we’re not judging — just be careful when picking tomatoes, pulling weeds, and trimming your bushes on World Naked Gardening Day,” the study says.

World Naked Gardening Day — yes, it’s a thing — has sadly passed (it was May 7), but that shouldn’t stop you from tending your green beans in the nude — just beware of prickly roses!

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LawnStarter ranked the cities by calculating a series of factors, ranging from a place’s nudist-friendliness to weather and safety.

Miami grabbed the top spot, with Austin, Seattle and Atlanta close behind.

Here’s what made the top 10:

Portland, Oregon
Anaheim, California
Orlando, Florida
Riverside, California
Irvine, California
Santa Ana, California


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