‘Don’t mess with Ridgecrest!’; suspects arrested after stealing catalytic converter from mayor’s SUV


RIDGECREST, Calif. (KGET) — Multiple people were arrested last week after a catalytic converter was stolen from a vehicle belonging to Ridgecrest Mayor Eric Bruen. 

In a social media post on Thursday, Bruen said his Honda Element had its catalytic converter removed in broad daylight from the parking lot at the Desert Valleys Federal Credit Union. Surveillance footage showed that the suspect vehicle was a silver Chevy Equinox.

Later that day, Bruen said officers with the Ridgecrest and Barstow police departments located and pursued the Chevy and ultimately arrested multiple suspects. Bruen said his converter was returned and thanked the police for their efforts. 

“Suspects have been arrested (with more than one converter) and our community has been once again protected by the efforts of the men and women in blue,” he said. “The message to all should be: Go somewhere else. We don’t roll over on crime in this community. Don’t mess with Ridgecrest!”


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