Stewart County authorities arrest wanted felon following pursuit involving 3-month-old


STEWART COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) – Authorities arrested a wanted felon after a chase in Middle Tennessee.

It all happened on May 27. Henry County drug agents pursued a wanted felon with a history of drugs on Walnut Grove Road off of Highway 79W.

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Authorities saw the vehicle on Highway 232 and tried to stop it, but it fled. During the pursuit, a man tried several times to exit the vehicle on the passenger side but the driver never reduced speed enough.

Authorities were able to force the vehicle to stop near Lower Standing Rock Road. As authorities approached the vehicle, the wanted felon got out of the car. Sgt. Robbie MacDonald tried to hold the suspect at gunpoint until he had backup on the scene. The felon resisted and a struggle ensued.

MacDonald then hit his release button on his vest, releasing his partner K-9 Harry. As Harry entered the struggle, all three went over the guardrail and down an embankment.

The suspect was then held by Harry until he was put in handcuffs by Sgt. MacDonald. Harry then released the suspect and was secured by MacDonald. Authorities said the suspect had a large amount of meth and cash in his possession.

He was also out on parole from prison and had several warrants on file. He was taken to Vanderbilt to be treated for dog bites.

The female driver left the scene when the struggle began. She was taken into custody at a home in Upper Standing Rock. The vehicle was pulled behind a residence with a tarp over it, in an attempt to hide it.

She was found to have a 3-month-old in the vehicle during the pursuit. The child was not injured during the chase. The driver had meth in her possession and other evidence which indicated that the two had intended to distribute drugs.

The Sheriff’s Office stated in a post on Facebook, that they would have ended the pursuit if they had knowledge of an infant in the vehicle.

Both Aron Michelle Norwood and Gary Bobo Baker were arrested. Baker was released Friday from Vanderbilt and booked into the Henry County Detention Center.

Charges against him are pending in Stewart County and would include: possession of meth, marijuana, resisting arrest and evading.

Authorities said they’re thankful the child was not hurt. The 3-month-old was turned over to DCS.

No other information was immediately released.

This is a developing story. Stay with News 2 and for updates.


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