This week’s new movies all have something in common: hunt, or be hunted. Hollywood is such a bundle of laughs. Here’s a sneek peek … because it’s Showtime!

Emma Stone (as Cruella De Vil): “How does the saying go? I am woman, hear me roar.”

Who doesn’t love a good origin story about a lady who kills dogs for fashion, right?

“Cruella” is all about the wicked Disney character Cruella De Vil, way before we knew her from “101 Dalmatians.”

Star Emma Stone says she geeked out when she first tried on Cruella’s amazing outfits.

Emma Stone: “I don’t have social media, but I would imagine that when you do, and you wanna take pictures of yourself, that was like my day as Cruella. It was a very narcissistic day, which is perfect for Cruella,.

Jerry O’Connell (as Mitch Hanover): “It is gonna be all right.”

Michael Johnson (as Noah Halsey): “It’s not safe. What are we gonna do?!”

Family vacations really are the worst.

“Endangered Species” is about a family whose trip to the African wilderness becomes a fight for their lives. Better get a tour guide next time.

Some crazy shhhhh happens in “A Quiet Place Part II.” Just remember: stay quiet, or be killed.

The sequel continues to follow Emily Blunt’s character and her children as they battle more creatures and meet other survivors of whatever the heck happened to Earth.

Emily Blunt: “It’s a conceit that has so much room for expansion, and it seemed like quite a natural progression to see the next chapter.”


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