Peoria resident using TikTok to show off River City real estate



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PEORIA (WEEK) — For some, home buying can seem expensive and just inaccessible. One Peoria resident wanted to change that, so she turned to TikTok.

During lockdown, Angie Ostaszewski spent her time exploring realty websites. The Central Illinois resident of seven years was able to convince both of her siblings to move to Peoria after telling them how affordable it was. Following that success, she logged on to TikTok to show everyone the perks of living and playing in Peoria.

“I think it just was the perfect time to do it, people are already stuck at home, its a pandemic, so you’re hyper-aware of your living space, because you’re there all the time,” said Ostaszewski.

So far, 23 people have moved or will soon move to Peoria after first being exposed to the city by Angie’s account. Mariel Munguia moved from Washington state.

“The idea really wasn’t in my head until I saw Angie’s TikTok, and it was like ‘oh yeah there’s homes that are super affordable in Illinois,” said Munguia.

Congresswoman Cheri Bustos, who stopped by Angie’s on Friday, said it was nice to see people not from Peoria, brag about the city.

“If Angie can keep this up, and if there are other models like this, she’s on to something, and it can be a big deal,” said Bustos.

If you use TikTok and want to follow Angie, her handle is @angieslistings.

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