Johnnie-U can’t keep silent about ‘phenomenal’ ‘Quiet Place II’


We’ve been waiting so long for the “Quiet Place” sequel — just like we’ve been anticipating the return of Deco movie critic Johnnie-U!

Now, Johnnie is a loud and talkative fella. so we know reviewing this movie was really challenging for him. Shhhhhh!

Hey, folks, Johnnie-U here. I haven’t been in a theater since 2019. Let’s celebrate. Bring on the band.

What’s that? I’m about to go see ” Quiet Place Part II? Guys, keep it down.

Anyway, when I come back, I’m going to try quietly to tell you guys all about it. (This is going to be so hard.)

All right, this movie leaves off when the first ended. The Abbott family, minus Dad, have to leave their home to find a safer place to dwell, when they happen upon an old friend who’s not very optimistic about the way the world has become.

(What the…?! Who’s making smoothies? Is that you, Gary? Mmm. I taste a little turmeric. That’s good.)

The only problem is, the oldest daughter, played by Millicent Simmonds, believes there are more survivors out there, and she defiantly sets out to find them … but there are more dangers lurking there than just the hyper-auditory aliens.

(“What the heck? Hey, guys, there’s doggie squeaky toys all over the floor. You’re gonna get us killed.)

Well, folks, I can’t keep quiet about this flick. It’s phenomenal. It may be better than the first.

I loved the story. It had more depth, because it focused more on the kids’ growth, and Simmonds shines as a courageous lead heroine.

It was painfully intense and suspenseful, and chock-full of jump scares. It had me biting my nails from start to finish.

Well, folks, I think “A Quiet Place Part II” is going to make as much noise, if not more, than the first, so I say quietly head on over to theaters this weekend and check it out.


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