Happy Saturday, South Florida!

Hopefully everyone has been enjoying the dry and comfortable weather the last few days. The rainy season began on May 15th but we wouldn’t know it here in South Florida since we have been seeing conditions more typical of the dry season through the past week or so. This morning was another quiet and mild start to the morning with temperatures in the mid 70s, mostly clear skies and mainly dry conditions once again.


So why has it been so quiet lately? Well, apart from dry air in the mid and upper levels of the atmosphere, a very strong area of high pressure parked itself across the southeastern U.S. This started early this week with no major change through much of the work week. High pressure has stuck around through the day today but we will begin to notice it breaking down today, which will help usher in some changes through the next few days.


So what can we expect today? Basically another beautiful day is in store for South Florida! Beautiful blue skies and low rain chances pretty much sums up our day. One thing you will notice though is that temperatures will be feeling a bit warmer than they have in previous days. There are two reasons for that. 1) Our temperatures actually will be warmer this afternoon, reaching into the upper 80s. 2) But also…with higher humidity levels in place, temperatures will feel warmer than they have lately.


The latter part of the weekend will also bring some changes to the forecast. With moisture increasing from the south, we will notice more in the way of cloud cover especially as the day progresses. And with a nearby front forecast to stall out over Central Florida, this will help trigger showers and possibly some inland thunderstorms. Some of those thunderstorms could affect our western suburbs of Miami-Dade and Broward.  But don’t worry, Sunday will not be a washout of a day. Rain chances throughout the day will remain isolated in nature while the afternoon thunderstorm chance will be focused across inland locations. https://twitter.com/ErikaDelgadoWx/status/1398630703097655296

I hope you have enjoyed these nice few days because after Sunday the switch will be flipped across South Florida. Remember we were talking about it not feeling like the rainy season just yet?  Well starting Monday it will begin to feel like it. Unfortunately, South Florida will be entering a very unsettled weather pattern with rain and thunderstorms expected every day through the upcoming work week.  Right now Tuesday and Wednesday look to be the wettest days of the week. And while we will be looking for that nice dry air and lower humidity once again, it looks like South Florida will be stuck in these soggy weather conditions for quite a few days. So enjoy the rest of the long holiday weekend but be sure to take that umbrella out because it will be needed very soon. https://twitter.com/ErikaDelgadoWx/status/1398631128454606850

Please be safe this weekend!

Erika Delgado
WSVN Channel 7 News


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