Despite high temperatures in forecast, power outages are unlikely for Memorial Day weekend: Cal ISO


(KGET) — Parts of the West coast could possibly feel a heatwave with triple digit temperatures this weekend, but California energy leaders say any forced power outages are unlikely.

Speaking at a Sacramento Press Club event Thursday, California Independent System Operator President Elliot Mainzer said the state system looks to be in good shape for this week and next.

Last summer, heatwaves threatened power disruptions in California because of energy shortages.

Mainzer says later into the summer, the state could see the same threats.

“If we get into another big West wide heating event like we saw last year, our numbers tell us the grid will be stressed again,” Mainzer said. “We’ll be leaning on this new set of batteries that we have, generational resources but we will be actively reaching out to consumers to conserve energy.”

Energy shortages shouldn’t be a problem this weekend, but state energy officials say it’s always a good idea to try to conserve energy.


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