Deco previews Le Rouge Nightclub, a new hotspot opening in Wynwood next month


Want to party like they do in Paris? You’re in luck. A new club is channeling the vibe of a legendary French hot spot. Deco got a preview of what SoFlo party people can expect when the doors open next month.

Ooh la la!

The spirit of the Moulin Rouge is taking hold in Wynwood at Le Rouge Nightclub.

Zein Zaioud, Le Rouge Nightclub: “We found inspiration from Moulin Rouge in France, because what’s more luxurious than any kind of French inspiration?”

The plan is to add some Parisian glitz and glamour to Wynwood’s laid-back scene.

Zein Zaioud: “And what we wanted to do is bring something upscale that hasn’t been provided here, something indoor, cozy.

Feeling cozy is cool at Le Rouge.

You can hang out on vintage furniture, sip champagne and watch music videos on huge screens.

That’s definitely something you and your BFFs could get used to.

Zein Zaioud: “We wanted to essentially find a place where not only we would want to come, but our friends would want to come.”

If, for some strange reason, you’re not in the mood for the bubbly, there are specialty drinks waiting to adjust your attitude.

Zein Zaioud: “We’re gonna have a limited menu, about six drinks, but we’re gonna focus on mainly Prohibition-style classic cocktails but just with a modern twist, such as our Rouge Martini or one of our spicy margaritas.”

Sooner or later, you know you’re gonna want to dance. That’s where the DJ comes in. He won’t be hard to find.

Zein Zaioud: “Our DJ booth is dead center of the venue to create an intimate experience to make everybody feel like they’re a VIP, so our dance floor is both in front of and behind the DJ booth ’cause it’s circular.”

There are some out-of-the-way places here that are perfect for selfies, like hanging out by the silver-specked piano, just don’t try to play it.

Zein Zaioud: “I don’t think it’s tuned.”

The folks at Le Rouge are tuned into you — big time.

Zein Zaioud: “So, our slogan is ‘Welcome home’ because we wanted everybody to feel like they’re walking into somewhere they feel like they belong.”

Ashley Townsend, guest: “I really think it’s gonna be an amazing experience, especially because of the ambiance and the furniture. I think it’s just gonna be a great place to just connect.”


Le Rouge Nightclub
318 NW 23rd St.
Miami, FL 33127


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