More than 100 American flags now on display in downtown Tehachapi ahead of Memorial Day


TEHACHAPI, Calif. (KGET) — More than 100 American Flags are now on display throughout downtown Tehachapi. 

The city said its Public Works department recently finished placing 108 flags in the area ahead of Memorial Day. The flags will remain in place through Veterans Day in November. 

“We honor our military veterans and are a very patriotic city. We make sure the flags are on display along the parade route before the Memorial Day,” said City Manager Greg Garrett. “It’s a small thing that we can do to pay tribute to this great country we live in and say thank you to those that sacrificed to give us our freedom.”

Each American flag on display is also part of the Adopt-A-Flag Program through the city. The program allows families, businesses and organizations to sponsor a flag with a customized sticker to recognize a loved one who served our country or show patriotism.


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