Greenfield Union School District awards graduation diploma to Patricia Alatorre


BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — The Greenfield Union School District awarded a graduation diploma to Patricia Alatorre, who would’ve graduated from McKee Middle School this week.

A graduation ceremony was held on Wednesday outside of the middle school. Alatorre would have attended Golden Valley High School.

Alatorre’s mother told 17 News she loved math, playing basketball and being around her friends at school. One of Alatorre’s teachers told her family she always had a bag of Takis chips in class and would offer to share with him. Another teacher said Alatorre was “so full of energy and love.”

“She always made someone laugh,” the teacher said.

The community gathered for a celebration honoring Alatorre in Downtown Bakersfield on May 14, which would have been her 14th birthday.

Courtesy: Selena Alatorre
Courtesy: Selena Alatorre
Courtesy: Selena Alatorre

Patricia Alatorre was reported missing on July 1, 2020. Investigators believe Alatorre was kidnapped and murdered by 24-year-old Armando Cruz. He is accused of driving from Inglewood to Bakersfield to meet the teen after connecting on social media.

Cruz has pleaded not guilty to all charges and is due back in court on Aug. 10.


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