Delano PD launches cold case series with call for help in 1990’s motel murder


DELANO, Calif. (KGET) — The Delano Police Department is asking for help solving a murder at a motel in 1997 – and instead of a press release, the department unveiled a vlog-style episode to share details of the case.

It’s the first of a series the Department announced earlier this week in an effort to solve cold cases from 1999 or older. Titled “Murder at the Motel,” the video is a mix of reenactments and actual crime scene photos from the death of 47-year-old Wen Liu at the Delano Motel, on High Street.

Officers had been called the night of February 25, 1997. Janitors told officers Liu hadn’t been seen since the night before, when he had been handing out eviction notices. Liu’s jacket was found in his office with his wallet inside. Checks were left on the counter and his register hadn’t been touched.

Following another tip from janitors, officers checked Room 15, but when no one answered the door, they got in through the window, and found Liu’s body on the bed. Liu had “obvious signs of trauma” and a 4×4 wooden post was nearby.

Investigators discovered two Hispanic men had been staying there. One was described as being 24-25 years old, 5’9″ to 5’11” tall, and 210 pounds, with black and grey hair and tattoos on his arms and legs. The other was a teen, possibly 15-16 years old, 5’5″ and 130 lbs with black hair, brown eyes, and a light complexion.

According to DPD, Liu had no close relatives in Delano, and they need new leads, directing people to call their tip line (661) 721-3369 and refer to case number # 97-02259.


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