Nurse rescues kitten, orders Uber to deliver feline to Palm Beach County shelter


A South Florida woman helped save a kitten that was running through traffic, and she got help from a ride-share driver to deliver the kitten to a Palm Beach County animal shelter.

When Kylie Gross heard the kitten meowing from inside of her car, she knew she needed to call someone for help.

“When I got to work, I couldn’t get her out of the car,” Gross said. “I had no idea where she is. I could just hear her meowing.”

Gross works as a nurse practitioner and administers COVID-19 vaccines in Hialeah. She said she found the kitten running through traffic on her way to work and had to stop.

“I knew I needed to check my surroundings, look both ways and definitely was hyper aware of my surroundings during this cat mission,” Gross said.

Firefighters managed to get the tiny kitten out from under Gross’ steering wheel.

However, no shelters in Miami would take the feline, but Gross is familiar with Furry Friends Rescue in Jupiter.

“I contacted them, and they said if I could get the cat to them, they would take her, so I called the cat an Uber,” Gross said.

A little more than an hour later, Uber driver Jose Jimenez arrived at the shelter with his purring passenger.

“When it comes to saving a little pet like this, I’ll go anywhere,” he said.

“I use Uber, so why not rescue a kitten using Uber?” Gross said.

The total bill for the trip, including tip, came out to $160.

Gross said the bill was “100%” worth it.

“I’d do it again immediately,” she said.

The shelter staff fittingly named the kitten, whose life was saved by a dedicated nurse and a ride-share driver, Uber.

“It feels great,” Jimenez said. “Anytime you can save anyone’s life, animal, human, anything, it feels great. It’s always great to save someone’s life.”

Uber should be available for adoption in three to four weeks.


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