Local representation on Illinois Supreme Court set to change in proposed map


ILLINOIS (WEEK) — As Illinois and the rest of the country go through the redistricting process, Democrats unveiled their proposed map of Illinois judicial districts Tuesday.

Most of the 25 News viewing area is covered by the 3rd District, which was formerly represented by Justice Thomas Kilbride, before he lost his retention bid in November.

However, the new map would shift most of our area into the 4th District, which is represented by Justice Rita Gorman.

The newly-redrawn 4th District shifts from primarily central Illinois to a C-shaped territory stretching from Rockford to Peoria and McLean County, while the 2nd District would shrink to primarily the northwest Chicago suburbs.

The 3rd District would also be reduced from 21 counties to just a handful. The only counties in the 25 News viewing area that would remain in the 3rd Judicial District are LaSalle and Bureau.

Illinois Democrats say the new map will “substantially equalize” the districts to represent equal numbers of people, but Republicans argue it will rig the court to give Democrats more power.

Democrats currently have a 4-3 majority on the Illinois Supreme Court, with the 2nd, 4th, and 5th Districts represented by Republicans.

Cook County accounts for three seats of the seven on the state high court. All three justices are Democrats.

Legislation to make the new maps has not yet been filed in Springfield.

Explore the proposed map here.

Illinois lawmakers also held their first hearing on proposed redistricting of legislative maps on Tuesday. Read more here.

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