Armed school employee stops man from kidnapping 11-year-old girl, police say


OGDEN, Utah (WJW) — An armed employee at an elementary school in Utah helped prevent a little girl from being taken.

Police say on Tuesday, a 41-year-old man grabbed an 11-year-old girl who was on the playground with other students. According to police, he pulled the child away as if he intended to leave with her.

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A school employee confronted the suspect and demanded he leave.

The suspect then let the child go, giving the employee enough time to get the children into a classroom.

It was then, police say, the suspect began punching a window of the building, trying to get inside. Ogden police say the school employee then took out a firearm, holding the suspect off while calling 911.

When officers arrived, the suspect — identified as Ira Cox-Berry — was taken into custody after a brief struggle. He’s been charged with one count of child kidnapping. Police say there’s no known connection between Cox-Berry and the child he was allegedly trying to take.

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The school employee who produced the gun is a concealed firearm permit holder, and was lawfully in possession of the gun, police say.


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