Man on bike accused of dropping feces outside Hallandale Beach synagogue arrested


Police have announced that they have arrested a man who was allegedly caught on video dropping a container filled with feces outside of a school and synagogue in Hallandale Beach while riding an electric bicycle.

Hallandale Beach Police confirmed on Monday night that 39-year-old Jeffrey Carl Fleming was apprehended.

“We investigate all crime, and we do not take any crime lightly, especially hate crimes,” said Hallandale Beach Police Capt. RaShana Dabney-Donovan.

Surveillance video showed a man tossing a cooler outside of the Chabad of South Broward along East Hallandale Beach Boulevard, Sunday night.

Inside the cooler was human waste.

7News cameras captured the man shortly after, as he pedaled away from the Chabad.

Police said this was the second time the man had left feces outside of the house of worship.

Cellphone video captured him as he went on an antisemitic rant, Friday afternoon.

Hours later, police and witnesses said, he returned and left a bag filled with feces.

“Apparently, a young lady who was picking up her daughter from the Chabad witnessed this Black male dump what appeared to be a large bag or a pillowcase or some white cloth that contained human feces,” said Dabney-Donovan.

The woman who witnessed the incident said she came to the Chabad to pick up her daughter from school when she spotted the man.

“After he left the bag, I followed him at least to the corner,” she said.

The witness said the man began shouting even more hateful language.

“When he noticed that I was following him, he started yelling, ‘[Expletive] Jews. You should not be doing this,’” she said.

Fleming has been charged with stalking with an enhancing felony charge for a hate crime, as well as littering human waste.

Leaders at the Chabad said they have stepped up security in the wake of the incidents.


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